Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'd like to reexamine a topic about which I've written priorly. How does a purpose or goal affect the mind of a man? I refer to my previous post on Human Devotion, the one at the top of the target page.

I'll elaborate on the topic, in some time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In consideration of previous post:Thank you! in referance to ( apologies for the arrogance; it,s meant to motivate, not not to insult). I,ve noticed you,ve stated through out your blog on the topic of structure as it has evolved in society or humankind ,as the cloak of progress; as it denotes worth of humanity in terms of dollars and your attempt to remain unshackled from its seductive and vice like grip. All of that which makes up value and worth as a "being" in this animal world (known reality). This said ,and how to balance or see into this the "to be a good person" unseen reality(the probability factor in life that "transcends") as you,ve stated: the varying density of existence. or use a quote for clarity "give to Caesar that which is Caesar,s and to God that which is God,s" The more important things of the law of life ,like justice and mercy and sincerity,and faithfulness, these meta-physics of reality that beautify humanity At this point I would like to focus on two terms you have used throughout your posts as well. The first, your use and interpatation of the word "animal",a term that is void of any recongnition of "the Other" or of morality, or seeing the beauty in humanity. It is a subjective term ,we limited beings use to describe existence. A word by which we fail to see objectively. The objectiveness that is realized in such terms as "being" or "beings"or "creatures". Terms that bring to light in the arena of "probability"(unknown variants),the "transcendance",as you have stated. As opposed to the "existential" or animal existance, this transcendant reality has the ability of reason and infused recognition and awareness of creativeness,or "being" or "being created" or "of being created by",in truth ,recognizing God, and the incumbent responce as creature,and I would add here "the heartfelt reciprocal responce". On a smaller scale,its Kind of like the "comment" section of your different posts on your blog. Which brings me to your second term or phrase used. Well not so much used verbally ,but somewhat conveyed by its texture in your statements.This phrase which refuses to recognize our limited humanness and who it is that, to use a quote again,"who it is that has written it in our hearts" and to use a quote from you "to be a good person" or that "desire" to be a good person. As a creature recognizing God. The phrase I,m speaking of is: "the value system that we,ve created for our special species" ,recognize the quote? Question: Is it not Gods special species? and Is it not His value system? The same value that He sent his son to explain to us (animals)?

28 October, 2007 23:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your question: why then dose it so often? because of our fallen nature ,back in the garden, the first disobedant act of man( also known as sin ) which has been handed down generation after generation. The same sin that prompted God not to forget us in our sin ,but sent His only Son to come and write anew in our hearts the truth,and he has done this by the example and word lived by his only Son and the road of suffering that is required back to the truth. You see we were not made for permanent residence in this world, that is why there is death,but Jesus showed us how death is only a fearsome thing if we die in that sin. The responce refered to in previous comment is ,non less, than "to live taking part in helping explain this same truth": normally lived in the forms of love ;such as mercy and compassion and justice and hope and charity.

04 November, 2007 03:46  

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