Saturday, September 15, 2007

Solitude is the revealer of all things. This is why we fear it so. Solitude allows experience of the self. Experience of the self is alien. How odd; none is more alien than the experience of self. Beauty is a window into the true self, the selfless self. Beauty is the only venue of self-experience outside of solitude. Beauty is hahahhahahaha.... Beauty........ let her, who has no need, come to me out of despiration....... beauty. Desire without need. What is desire. Is there such? A desire without need? That desire is beauty. There is beauty, and there is death; there is nothing else. Sex is fusion, nothing else. If not, then it is filth. Neither pleasure nor solitude is bliss. Bliss is only pleasure in solitude.


Anonymous Bob said...

Question? could it be that wisdom is the revealer of all things and that solitude and beauty are tools of wisdom? its not a question of weather or not the chicken or the egg came first, but in the meeting of the two that wisdom is found? The selfless self only finds expression in the presence of the other. Beauty, is only percived in the consciousness and context of truth,and truth is the embellishment and solicitude of Wisdom. Wisdom is "THE" "desire without need", Beauty is the poetry of Wisdom ,and without Wisdom ,yes there is death and nothing else. "Sex" is a word given to denote a distinction between male and female. "sexual intercourse" is the exsitential state of the two and "Wisdom" transcends its meaning and purpose,and defends its beauty, because, Wisdom is revealer of all things. And solitude on its own is filth.

27 November, 2007 05:51  
Blogger Kannan Shah said...

Wisdom, itself, is not the revealer, rather the revelation of all things. That revelation is brought about via it's tools: solitude, beauty, and meditation within the same.

Not so that beauty is only perceived in the consciousness and context of truth, rather it is the desire, itself, for the perception of truth that is beauty.

What does the commenter mean by wisdom? Wisdom is not a desire, rather a state, no?

Why is solitude on its own, filth? Solitude, in the absence of meditation is death, but not filth, no?

What is filth is action, motivated, not by beauty or truth, but by need.

27 November, 2007 13:37  
Anonymous Bob said...

Is not Wisdom the" mind of God" and revelation the act of God speaking to man? Is not God the revealer and we the subject of revelation? Is not solitude,beauty,and meditation proponets of knowledge to attain to Wisdom? dose not beauty speak to the eloquence and esteem of Wisdom? Is not Wisdom the keeper of truth? knowledge is a state ,but Wisdom is the desire of God for man,no? dose not God,s mind desire man greatest good? As You yourself stated, that solitude in the absence of meditation is death, correct, then ,is not death the "filth" that God dose not desire for man? hence, since Wisdom desires man greatest good and man desires Wisdom,yet Wisdom dose not need man,for Wisdom is of God and exsits outside of man,to the extent that it dose not need man, but desires man. and "filth" cannot be equated to or associated with need ,for man dose in fact need God. whereas "filth" is relegated to that "disordered will" or "demands" of man ,and disorder ,is the absence of "The Mind of God ". If this dose not clairify my position, then I can reasonably assume that we are possibly speaking of the same, but from two distinct view points, yes?

28 November, 2007 07:37  
Blogger Kannan Shah said...

1. How can we comment on things that exist outside of man? We are men; and our perception exists only within us. We have no direct access to reality, rather only the projection of it reported by our senses, which all exist within us. We have no credibility as far as conjectures of things that exist outside of man.

2. Defining Wisdom as "The Mind of God" only associates Wisdom with God; it does not shed any light on it's nature, unless the reader knows the nature of God.

3. What is this word, God, that you keep mentioning?

30 November, 2007 14:22  
Anonymous Bob said...

I cannot presume to know God in His entirety,for that would be,to be God himself. This dose not mean that I cannot come to know of Him through revelation. That revelation is all creation in its infiniteness and the Wisdom that created it. You stated that "we are men and our perception is with in us", if so how do you explain the desire to be good persons,how is to be good to another, an idea of our own? what sense perception gave us that knowledge, when in fact, by the man,s standards,its a disadvantage "structure", as you put it, I recall. Can it be ,that I am to presume, that you don,t exist because I do not perceive you with the five senses? What are these words at the top of your comments "Kannan Shah" that you keep mentioning? and What do they mean? That "desire to be a good person" that you have stated in previous comments is a form of the word "Love", the same word that comes from Wisdom that transcends man,s preception of himself and others,and will be sure to be absent in a mans solitude if not for Wisdom. Wisdom was here before space and time,as was love. Space and time are things of this world and the world was created, or do you know were the seeds of this world came from and the source from which those seed come? and that question is infinite, as is God,as is Wisdom. Now, I know that these are words that have "Being" in "Faith" ,but isn,t that a type of Wisdom too? I mean ,that "Faith" is a type of "Trust" and is not "Trust" also a type of "Wisdom" ? or how else dose man work with each other to accomplish anything without it? "God" is that "softness of Heart" that understands us even in our hardness of HEART. He is found by voice of conscience in man and by natural reason with certainty on the basis of His works and divine Revelation, in the mysterious plan of loving goodness,and is directly accessable in the person of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit, whom is and was sent by Jesus Christ,through him ,with him ,and in him, for the benefit of us all. This reality if not grasped by man ,will in his solitude, lead to death, both in its natural sense and in its spiritual. For when God created us in his Image and like ness He has some of Himself in us, and that is what we reconize in each other "love",as His Creation. With Wisdom comes knowledge, and with knowledge there is understanding and with understanding comes acceptance, not conjecture. Question: When you reject Love dose it not vanish?

03 December, 2007 04:11  

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