Thursday, September 20, 2007

My (Doomed) Experiment

this will be a less obscured post

I'm trying something new today. I'm avoiding doing what I feel like doing. I feel that I have lost control, to some degree, of what I feel like doing, and I am experimenting with regaining control of it. I am forcing myself into a decent routine for the day, and hopefully tomorrow.

This practice is not for the sake of forming a routine!

I am conducting an experiment, so see if, once the emotional mind is convinced that it is impossible to get what it wants, then does it alter its desire to something that it thinks that it can get.

Consider that.

If the desire of the mind can be controlled consciously, then man can take fuller responsibility over life.

This must seem a moot point. I don't think it's something that most of us keep in mind daily, however.

I hear myself preaching, but really, this is not a submittal to structure!

It is actually just an experiment. I'm trying something new; exploring different behaviours of the mind. My hypothesis is that the mind will indeed alter its desire to something that it thinks that it can get. This has to be because at the essence of the mind's purpose is simply a desire to be what it thinks is happy, and deciding to want something that it knows it will not get is tantamount to deciding, itself, upon its own certain dissatisfaction.

Of course I'm only including non-material desires here, like if I want Chinese food, and I'm sick of Italian, I'll order a pizza, just to see how the mind behaves. If the mind wants to pee, I'll surely go pee, though.

If, at the end of my experiment, I decide that my hypothesis is correct, then that would mean that the mind has a mind of its own, and it may have been working against us from the very beginning... Bastard mind.

Of course there is a bit of humor in this, I'm laughing while I'm writing :-) . If one thinks more seriously about this, however, one may gain something.

Also, since Nick and Alex are coming in on Friday, and will be here for slightly less than a week, it's likely that this experiment will not reach completion, and will have to be repeated after they leave and after I, again, gather enough energy and motivation to try something quite as daunting as this.


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